Data Scientist

Location: London

We are seeking an outstanding Data Scientist to join our Research & Development team, who can work collaboratively with the rest of the engineering team to build high quality data products.


  • Perform data analysis and model validation across our research areas.
  • Create and maintain data pipelines and monitoring tools to enable analysis and rapid development of model performance.
  • Perform model testing and analysis with ML engineers as part of model development and validation studies.
  • Engage with our Radiologists and Clinicians to better understand their processes and the deployment environment.
  • Work with freedom and autonomy to identify and pursue research areas of interest.
  • Work to ensure the efficacy and fairness of all the products.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Statistics/Mathematics/Computer Science/Physics or similar with practical experience.
  • Passionate about applying machine learning and data science techniques to improve healthcare.
  • Keeps up to date with current literature and advancements in machine learning and data science.
  • Experience building data analysis pipelines and integrating data-driven workflows across teams.
  • Expert level Python experience and experience with mainstream data science frameworks (e.g. Pandas, SciKit Learn, jupyter notebooks etc).
  • Strong data and statistical analysis skills for model testing and validation.
  • Contributes positively to a collaborative and supportive research and development environment.


  • Doctorate Degree or Master’s Degree in Statistics/Mathematics/Computer Science/Physics or similar with equivalent practical experience.
  • Experience implementing deep learning techniques and building neural networks and using popular deep learning frameworks (e.g. Pytorch, Tensorflow etc).
  • Strong software engineering experience, preferably building full-stack, data-oriented applications using popular libraries (e.g. Django, Flask, Fast API, D3 or similar)
  • Experience working with our tech stack, including MongoDB, AWS, Django, ElasticSearch, Redis and Flask.
  • Knowledge of Software Development Procedures and Processes according to ISO 13485.
  • ISO 27001 Information Security Management System support and administration.

A full job description is available on request. Please click the “Contact Us” button to enquire about this role.