Seeing Red
with over 90% accuracy

Our red dot® algorithm analyses and highlights abnormalities in images with impressive speed and accuracy. Our AI has been developed from over 30,000 images all of which have been reviewed by experienced UK certified Consultant Radiologists.

How it works

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Making a difference to healthcare

Exceptional Clinical Accuracy

Exceptional Clinical Accuracy

Our red dot® algorithm has been extensively developed by highly trained and experienced UK certified Consultant Radiologists and consistently delivers +90% accuracy rate.

Instant Triage

Instant Triage

Abnormalities are identified within seconds meaning patients are diagnosed before they’ve even left the hospital.

Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration

Our AI technology augments existing reporting workflows and integrates with your existing RIS or PACS, irrespective of vendor.


Cost-Effective is proven to be extremely cost effective – significantly reducing reporting backlogs and capacity issues, and is up to 50% lower in cost compared to outsourced reporting.

Our AI Technology is in use today

“’s AI technology is specifically designed to support our skilled radiology workforce by understanding and supporting their existing workflows and enabling them to manage reporting more efficiently.”

Neil Perry
Associate Director Digital Transformation
Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust

“The Behold red dot® algorithm shows tremendous potential in prioritisation of CXRs requiring a CT for suspected lung cancer.”

Dr Indrajeet Das & Dr Jan Brozik
Consultant Radiologists
University of Leicester Hospitals NHS Trust