How does red dot® work?:

Developed by consultant radiologists

Our AI algorithm has been developed by highly trained and experienced US Board Certified and NHS Consultant Radiologists.

Results in 60 seconds

Our AI algorithm provides results back in the PACS within 60 seconds on receipt to systems.

Immediate access

The result is directly accessible by the user. No additional application is required.

Compared to outsourcing teleradiology, red dot® is...

Less expensive

compared to outsourcing and training radiologists


Delivers a diagnosis
in 60 seconds

More accurate

than a human with 95% confidence

How does red dot® perform?


with over 90%+ confidence intervals [0.966 – 0.984]


with over 90%+ confidence intervals [88.06 – 92.08]


with over 90%+ confidence intervals [91.46 – 96.91]


with over 90%+ confidence intervals [85.04 – 90.46]

Dataset was composed of 888 CXR images from 2 clinical sites from the United States (n=738) and 2 clinical sites from the United Kingdom (n=150). The final standalone dataset included pneumothorax positive (n=299) and negative cases (n=589). Both groups contained confounding imaging features.

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Regulated and recognised

We are the ONLY AI supplier that is regulated by the Care Quality Commission.