How our AI medical diagnosis platform works

Our red dot® algorithm has been extensively developed by highly trained and experienced UK trained FRCR Consultant Radiologists and can safely rule-out normal chest X-Ray (CXR) examinations with 95%+ accuracy.

Our AI technology is designed to integrate into your existing workflows so there are no additional screens or applications to use.

The red dot® platform integrates seamlessly into your existing RIS or PACS and processes each chest X-Ray (CXR) examination at the point of acquisition.

Within 30 seconds, red dot® identifies examinations as:

Normal or Abnormal

to be instantly triaged with a notification returned to the RIS or PACS

High Confidence Normal (HCN)

To be auto-reported and an authorised report returned to the RIS or PACS

Suspected Lung Cancer (SLC)

to be prioritised for immediate reporting with a notification returned to the RIS or PACS

red dot® Heatmaps

Click and drag the bar left and right to compare the original image with the red dot® heatmap.

Lung nodule Chest X-ray

Stroke CT Brain Scan

Our solutions

We have two core products using Behold’s AI-enabled autonomous diagnosis created with our proprietary red dot® technology:

red dot® Lung Cancer Detection Platform

Rule out normal scans and triage lung cancer.

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red dot® CTH V1

Rule out normal exams and triage acute findings 24 hours a day.

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Reducing the NHS backlog helped an NHS hospital reduce its entire CXR backlog of over 3500 patients in just 10 minutes and fast tracking over 67 lung cancer patients for treatment

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Reducing CXR backlog

With our partner Merative we are guaranteeing triage notifications in less than 60 seconds

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Post-COVID recovery

Helping India during the pandemic and the post-COVID recovery

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