red dot® is already making a real difference in over 22 NHS sites:

Adding capacity

red dot® can reduce an entire NHS hospital lung cancer backlog in just

Reducing cost

red dot® reduces an NHS hospital’s outsourcing reporting costs by up to

Saving lives

red dot® will potentially provide the NHS with annual savings of

Compared to outsourcing teleradiology, red dot® is...

Less expensive

compared to outsourcing and training radiologists


Delivers a diagnosis
in 30 seconds

40x more accurate

than a human with a
0.33% margin of error

Real world case studies

red dot® helps fast track lung cancer patients at Somerset NHS Foundation Trust

The red dot® service was used at Somerset NHS Foundation Trust to rule-out normal chest x-ray exams and to fast-track the diagnosis of those with suspected lung cancer.

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red dot® reduces CXR backlog at an Essex hospital from 4-8 weeks to 3.5 days

At Basildon University Hospital, red dot® analysed 4,415 CXRs in just 3.5 days compared to 4-8 weeks using outsourcing.

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red dot® was implemented in India to instantly detect COVID in patients’s red dot® was successfully used by hospitals in India to ’instant triage’ over 82,000 CXR exams for visible signs of COVID-19.

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“’s AI technology is specifically designed to support our skilled radiology workforce by understanding and supporting their existing workflows and enabling them to manage reporting more efficiently.”

Neil Perry – Associate Director Digital Transformation
Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust

The clinical need for red dot®


Patients on the waiting list

And rising exponentially – predicted to hit 13 million


Fewer urgent suspected cancer referrals

between Mar 2020 and Mar 2021, down 13% compared with pre-pandemic


Patients waiting 6 weeks or more for diagnosis

A sharp rise from 67,000 in March 2020


Fewer patients diagnosed

at stage 1 or 2 cancer – down 27% from April to December 2020 compared with pre-pandemic period

The organisational need for red dot®


Shortfall of radiologists in UK

Growing to 43% by 2024 (1,939 due to rise to 3,600)


Spent by the NHS

on outsourcing, insourcing and locums in 2020, a 25% increase since 2018 and around 80% since 2017


of NHS Trusts

were able to meet their reporting requirements within contracted hours in 2019

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